• Are you a person who has moved abroad to live in different countries to work or for personal reasons?
  • Are you leaving a trail of different properties in those countries, e.g. houses or bank accounts, life insurances, etc.?
  • Do you own property in different countries?
  • Do you wish to retire in Spain?
  • Do you have children living in different countries and want to transfer your property to them in an efficient manner?
  • Have you bought a holiday home in Spain?


If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then this means you would require estate planning.

We give you advice on how to plan the succession of your worldwide assets in an efficient manner that ensures that your heirs avoid having to pay unnecessary taxes, legal fees and court fees in different jurisdictions.

Pilkington Sanchez lawyers can make a comparative study of the succession laws which may be applicable to your case and assist you in drawing up your will.

We count on a network of experienced solicitors and tax consultants in Ireland, England, Belgium and Colombia.


  • Advising an Irish couple resident in Madrid who own assets in Ireland on the appropriate wills to put in place.
  • Advising a Venezuelan couple, residents in Madrid, with assets in Spain and Venezuela, to draw up appropriate wills.