Purchase of residential property in Spain

In Ireland and the UK you instruct a solicitor to represent you when you buy property. The solicitor´s main role is to check the legal title to the property and to advise you on any issues which may arise.

The Spanish property conveyance system works differently to the Irish & English system and it is not compulsory to instruct a Solicitor. Therefore and to their peril, many Irish & English people have bought property in Spain thinking that it was a transaction free from risk but have actually found themselves facing demolition orders of their property as many unscrupulous companies have sold them properties which have been illegally built.

Therefore, in the same way that you would never consider buying a property in Ireland without a solicitor, you should similarly look for an independent lawyer who has no business links to the estate agent or to the property developer.

Pilkington Sanchez Legal can assist you throughout the entire conveyancing process in your own language, carrying out all the searches needed to establish the ownership, the planning permission, licenses, burdens etc.

We ensure that you can fully enjoy your property while we look after your interests in Spain.