Cross-border Inheritance

Europe Map Cross-border estate administration refers to a situation where a person’s estate has issues arising in more than one jurisdiction.

The reason why this could arise is because the deceased had a holiday home in a country other than the one where that person is domiciled, properties in different countries or because he decided to retire in Spain.

The estate in each case will be subject to multiple legal systems.

We have experience in dealing with the administration of several estates in Ireland, which allows us to fully understand the differences between Probate in Ireland and in Spain and advise our clients in a most comprehensive way.


  • Immediate advice following bereavement.
  • Information about all necessary documentation for Spanish inheritance tax. Bear in mind that In Spain inheritance tax should be paid within 6 months after the deceased passes away in order to avoid penalties.
  • Prepare Spanish Power of attorneys where required.
  • Apply for and obtain an NIE number for each beneficiary when it is required.
  • Prepare all documents needed to submit to the Notary.
  • Deal with the sale of any Spanish property.
  • Collect cash left in Spanish accounts.
  • Distribute the estate amongst the beneficiaries.
  • Provide regular status updates.